Jerzy Łuczak - the unusual artist


A sportsman and coach

Sport is Jerzy Łuczak’s second passion, or rather a second part of his life. Having practised wrestling for many years, having obtained instructor’s certification, he has always considered sports – particularly wrestling – as an important part of his life and personality. As a coach, he endeavours to educate youths and develop their passion to this most favourite discipline. In his opinion, sport has given him strength to overcome even those difficulties which were not related to sport. Sport lets him always rise again and seek brighter aspects of life. Wrestlers are tough, morally formed people. People one might depend on in hard times. Therefore, Łuczak has long been a Board member of the Sobieski Sports Club in Poznań, who shares the Club’s successes and failures. He would at times transpose his wrestling emotions to canvas... Coach profession has given Jerzy Łuczak another skill, which is therapeutic massage. Today, many people would gratefully remember his massages, bringing relief in multiple ailments.