Jerzy Łuczak - the unusual artist


The Painter

People tend to say that to peek into an artist’s soul, it is enough to see his works. But what if someone paints landscapes in which light struggles with darkness, to follow with still lives, and only to say afterwards: ‘this is my place’; if he paints frescoes on walls and is fascinated with small pencil sketch forms – then what is his soul actually like? Well then, perhaps it would be better not to try creative criticism of the artist’s works and to leave it to... visitors to the online gallery. Better still, let’s invite them to direct contemplation of the artist’s works at the author’s gallery located in Sobieski Sports Club in Poznań, Poland, or mainly to the studio gallery at the Europa Shelter of Culture, also in Poznań, 24 Rolna Street. Let us say a few words about ‘Łuczak, a seeker'. It seems that he is seeking his own truth about painting in his works. He is trying to capture an elusive ideal, which perhaps resonates in his artistic souls, and as a professional he detests simplification, painting to survive, etc., he struggles with himself... and with its own works to give this ideal a material shape on the canvas, wall, board or paper. He sometimes returns to a finished work multiple times to correct details in which the difference is insignificant for a less sophisticated viewer. However, Łuczak’s life is also divided among numerous non-artistic passions and therefore in his works – at least this is the impression that a spectator gets – light and darkness are presented symbolically as the good and evil experienced in human daily lives. Although he sometimes tries to deliver his thoughts more transparently in more realistic forms, he is himself more fond of the symbolic ones... Whether he is right, this is for the viewer to decide.