Jerzy Łuczak - the unusual artist


The Community Worker

For two years, Jerzy Łuczak has been in charge of the Europa Shelter of Culture, located in Poznań at 24 Rolna Street (backyard entrance). When he received a proposal to work as a ‘head of a culture center under construction’, this establishment was a godforsaken air-raid shelter. Many such facilities were built during the Communist period of Poland’s history, which are today frequently devastated or inhabited by social outcasts. The case with Rolna was different. The “Rolna” Housing Cooperative, owner of this establishment, decided to renovate and adapt it for cultural purposes. Easier said than done. The project needed someone who, while listening about problems with water repeatedly flooding the rooms, would associate the facility with Venice and conjure up frescoes on the wall that will resemble famous places in Venice. At the Europa Shelter of Culture – which is the renovated facility’s name – Jerzy Łuczak is the manager, art instructor, person in charge of organization, massager. However, he prefers to refer to himself as a guardian. He resembles the Steward depicted in a Polish national epic by Mickiewicz, who makes sure nothing that was entrusted to him would be lost.